Oct 1, 2020


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Planning a home improvement can be stressful, as it goes from picking the project to selecting the finishing touches. If you are to take on home renovations, you would likely want to factor in how much home renovations or improvements will add to the home’s resale value.

Your best realtor team or the design expert will advise you to keep resale in mind, as there are several pitfalls along the way. It is always helpful to be prepared, especially when you are to tear down your master bathroom walls or create an open-concept main floor that you dream.

General home improvement mistakes

Though some of the home improvements can increase your home’s price tag in Colorado investment properties, some changes harm the value of the real estate and the property’s selling price.


Measuring incorrectly

One of the biggest mistakes regarding home improvement is also a relatively common one, especially for those who do it themselves and do not consult the Colorado licensed realtors or the design experts. An incorrect measuring can cost a lot of money and also cause you a lot of headaches.

If one is off by even a fraction of an inch, this could mean under the materials’ purchasing, not having enough space for the furniture and appliances. You have to measure the project multiple times to avoid such a mistake, and even if you hire a pro, try to make sure that your math is checked before you order any items or materials.

Rushing to the design process

It is complicated to hit the brakes when you are very excited about the upcoming project, like updating your master suite or creating an open floor plan, there are chances that you will regret it if you don’t take your time.

The design process always takes time, including considering the overall functionality of the available space and taking precise measurements. Always try to avoid plunging in right away to make sure that everything is right the first time around.

Going for the cheapest option

Before you decide who you are to hire for your project, you have to consider different factors other than price. Going through home improvement can be a little difficult; therefore, it is crucial to pick a contractor that performs the contracted work and has the project management and customer service skills.

It will help if you try to get at least three quotes from similar companies to get the actual price comparison. An excessive home improvement mistake can take several forms, but most of these mistakes can be avoided during the initial consultations.

Settling an unrealistic budget

It is essential for you to create and stick to a budget for the project, but it is also vital that the budget be realistic. Different home advisors offer you the actual cost guides regarding Colorado real estate, giving you the typical range for the project.

If you lowball the budget, this could lead to using low-quality materials that can be damaging at the end. Instead, it would be best if you assumed that you fall somewhere around the average for your project’s scope and size. This might also mean to tamper your expectations for striking a balance between your budget and vision.

Purchasing the materials too early

Whether you are buying the fixtures, appliances, or flooring, purchasing the items before you plan the project can be a huge home improvement mistake. You must have accurate measurements and a clear idea of what your completed project will look like before you purchase the materials and supplies.

If you find low prices on an unexpected sale, this could be tempting, and you could end up losing your money when you find out that your new appliance is of the wrong size or you didn’t order enough flooring. Make a plan, set your budget, and then go to purchase the supplies.


When you are improving your home, you have to remember that the more you know, the fewer chances of errors there will be. If you clearly understand what you should not do, it will help you make the most of your time and money. This way, you will be getting a better return on investment if you sell your home and ensure that your project won’t need a do-over in a couple of months.

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