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Colorado has seen the fifth-highest percentage increase in the population of any state in the United States. The government predicts growth; particularly, the northern Colorado Investment properties will continue growing. The economy keeps bustling, with the Denver metro area adding a large number of jobs every year. Suppose you are to consider investing in real estate here. In that case, the state has plenty of programs, especially for the new home-buyers searching for a home in different counties that include Douglas, Jefferson, Adams county, etc.

Denver Metropolitan Area

Denver is a central city in the State of Colorado, and the conurbation includes a continuous region that consists of six primary counties Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Adams, Douglas, and Jefferson. The Denver region is considered to be a part of the Front Range Urban Corridor.

The central metropolitan statistical area consists of Denver and three adjacent counties i.e., Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson. The urbanized area is continuous and extends into the City and Broomfield County. Four rural counties include Elbert County, Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Park.

Any changes in the housing prices for the area are tracked publicly regularly by using the Case-Shiller index. In the South, the most prosperous parts of the site can be found, while the industry is in the northeast and extends to areas like Commerce City in Adams County.


Best Counties to buy a house

Douglas County

Douglas County is considered to be one of the best places to live in Colorado. It has a population of more than 300,000, and the majority of the residents have their own homes. This County has a number of different restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Douglas County.

The majority of the families that live in Douglas County tend to be conservative, while the public school in this County is highly rated. The median home value in this particular County is $441,100, and the median rent is $1,655.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County is located in Colorado and has a population of approximately 570,000. This County is also among the top places to live in Colorado. Most of the residents own their homes. There are many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks in Jefferson County.

A number of young professionals live in Jefferson County, and the residents usually tend to be liberal. The Public schools are highly rated in Jefferson County, and the median home value is $366,800, whereas the rent is $1,285.

Arapahoe County

A number of people consider Arapahoe to be the best place to live in the State of Colorado. This County has a population of around 630,000. You will be able to find plenty of parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in Arapahoe County.

There is an increasing trend of young professionals moving towards Arapahoe County, whereas many families also live there, while the residents tend to be lean liberal. The median home value in Arapahoe County is $327,800, and the median rent is $1,307. The public schools in this County are very highly rated.

Adams County

Adams County has a population of around 500,000 and surrounds most of the Denver International Airport, located in the City and Denver County. Most of the residents of Adams County own their homes, whereas the median home value is $273,000, and the median rent is $1,270.

The schools in Adams County are of a high standard, and the community is mostly liberal. There are plenty of properties available in Adams County, and one can speak with the best realtor team and get pre-approved for the purchase. One can also sit down with the Colorado licensed realtors and define what to look for in the next home.


Either you want to purchase real estate or plan to add a property to your portfolio, Colorado real estate purchase is a serious investment. You have many available options in different counties, especially near the Denver metropolitan area, to buying a home. If you have decided to invest in vacation property to rent out, as some markets are cooling off and others are rising, you have to take a closer look. You also have to identify some of the best places for real estate investment in Colorado.

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