Oct 1, 2020


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The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, known as CHFA, is a trusted partner in Colorado for affordable and responsible homeownership. With the help of participating lenders, Colorado people have access to the CHFA home purchase and the refinance loans in Colorado real estate. These loans can have a very competitive fixed-rate financing and might offer down payment or the closing cost assistance.

Though the first-time home buyers tend to be the most frequent customers of CHFA, the agency is also serving Gen X and different multi-generational families that look for their next home.

CHFA programs helping people with limited savings, low income, or credit scores

The CHFA program is generally promoted for first-time homebuyers, but this particular program is available to anybody who falls within the specific income and purchases limits. These limits vary by county and the size of the real estate.

Acceptable credit scores are varied because they are based on what CHFA program you are to choose. Usually, the requirement of this particular program needs a minimum of 620 mid-credit scores. Those people who have less than perfect credit shouldn’t lose hope. By consulting the best realtor team, you can talk to your lender about different options, and in the meantime, you should be doing what you can to improve the score.

The down payment assistance is available, and it is helpful for the people of Colorado to get into a home for as little as $1,000. There is also closing cost assistance available, and the lenders can receive a credit in the amount of 1% of the first mortgage loan payment of the borrower. It helps the borrowers to use the credit to cover the closing costs.


Who qualifies for down payment assistance?

We are already aware that the down payment assistance program is typically meant for first-time home buyers. Even a repeat home buyer can be counted as a first-time buyer if he/she hasn’t owned a home in the past three years. The other requirements may include income caps and buying a home in an area that is qualified.

Every down payment assistance program is somewhat different than the other. The exact qualifying requirements depend on where you live and what programs are available for you. The similar guidelines for each plan are:

  • It is restricted to first-time buyers.
  • The buyer must be in the category of low to moderate-income.
  • The buyer uses the home as the primary residence.
  • The real estate is a targeted census tract.
  • You are working with an approved mortgage lender for a particular loan program.

What mortgages can be used with down payment assistance?

The down payment assistance program requires you to borrow from an approved lender by participating in an approved mortgage program. You first have to sign up for a particular mortgage product. The down payment assistance approved mortgages typically includes the most popular loan programs.

  • The Federal Housing Administration backs FHA Loans.
  • VA Loans that are backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • USDA Loans that are backed by the US Department of Agriculture.

Many also allow you to borrow the conventional loans for the Colorado Investment properties that are not guaranteed by the government and include the ones backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In other words, we can say that the mortgage products in your down payment assistance (DPA) programs might be very flexible.

Pros and cons of the down payment assistance program


  • It helps to offset the cost of purchasing a home.
  • It also helps to leverage your existing funds saved.
  • It gives you the ability to purchase your home sooner vs. later.


  • The down payment assistance program has a higher interest rate.
  • The zero-percent second doesn’t require the monthly payments but should be paid upon the home’s sale and refinancing.
  • It will require a more extended contract deadline (a minimum of 45 days).

It is always advisable to weigh all the pros and cons of every loan option available to you. Keep in mind that these programs are designed to help and do not cover all costs of purchasing a home.


It is quite a surprise that most adults are unaware of the assistance program for the buyers. You should look into your options and talk with the Colorado Licensed Realtors or the mortgage experts who have complete knowledge of the different local and government programs inside and out.

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