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Welcome to the topic “HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS (HOA).”

A homeowners association (more commonly known as HOA) is like a gift from above for many property owners in Colorado Investment properties. However, many property owners see HOA as limiting their freedom to utilize their property as they feel fit. It is essential to understand the HOA rules that you have to abide by while purchasing there a home. The regulations of these associations are designed to protect property values. The real estate agents and homeowners weigh on the homeowners’ blessings and curses (HOAs).

What is HOA?

A homeowners association is a legal entity that can pass and enforce rules for the Colorado real estate within a condominium or a townhome complex. It can be even in a detached-home planned community. Such communities’ homeowners fall within the HOA jurisdiction and pay an HOA fee to join the homeowners association.

You may find some HOA standards relatively lenient, but others may be imposing particular rules about how the association members have to maintain and utilize the property. There are regulations laid by the HOA in a legal document known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions or CC&Rs. These rules dictate how the members of the community have to comply.

Pros and Cons of a homeowners association (HOA)



Protecting property value

The main reason that most of the homebuyers and Colorado licensed realtors seek HOA is to protect their property’s value. They don’t have to worry that the neighbors might park their junk cars in the driveway or let the grass grow so big that it resembles a rainforest.

Maintenance of common areas and amenities

When you pay the HOA dues, the entity usually accepts the responsibility for the maintenance of all the community’s common areas. These locations include the community pools, walking trails, and also the common garden areas. The homeowners have to maintain only their property.

Conflict resolutions

If your neighbor scoffs at the rules and takes-up chicken keeping, you are not required to dispute this action with your neighbor. Instead, you can contact HOA and let them reach out and resolve the issue on behalf of the entire community.

Keep up appearances

Typically the HOAs have rules to prevent any property neglect that may result in the neighborhood decline. The HOAs can help to maintain the values of the property for the homes within the community.


CCR&S feel crushing to some people

CCR&S might feel top-heavy with rules to those people who like to do things their own way. Though some people don’t mind a few rules, some communities might be super picky about each detail. A freedom-loving person who is sensitive about personal liberty than to maintain property value, an HOA can be a deal-breaker.

The cost of dues might be steep

The HOA protections come with quite a steep price in some communities. All of the excellent amenities and their maintenance will be passing on to you in the form of HOA fees, including salaries and administrative costs. These fees are generally paid every month and your mortgage, and it is crucial to factor them in and keep up with them.

Permission required for exterior improvements

Another disadvantage of HOA is that you usually have to submit a request before making any exterior improvements to your property. Whether it is the installation of a pool or an addition of a garage, you have to complete the paperwork and take permission.

Home-based businesses can suffer

Many HOAs don’t allow the homeowners to operate a business out of their home, which can be considered overly restrictive. Some HOAs may also prevent you from renting your property, and this can leave you in a tight spot if your financial circumstances change.


Every home buyer should choose whether or not he/she would like to purchase a home in the HOA-governed community. You might meet many property owners seeing it as a value, but others see it as a deal with the devil himself. Therefore, you have to discuss the pros and cons with the best realtor team, against your lifestyle and get familiar with these community rules before you buy. There are chances that you may find that association living very satisfying for you.

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