Oct 9, 2020


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It is not easy to socialize or make friends as an adult, and therefore, meeting new people becomes quite rare. Many people walk on a street and wait in line with their headphones on, thus making it even more difficult for any serendipitous encounter to happen. After working the whole day, most people prefer to stay at home or plan their future with family, friends, or take advice from their best realtor team.

Meeting people may seem overwhelming in Denver, especially considering that it is one of the fastest-growing places in the United States, whether it is the economy or real estate. From the local coffee shops to the bookstores, independent venues, or parks, the residents of Denver and its suburbs have a lot of different ways to meet new people.

Best places to meet people in Denver

Moving to Denver doesn’t mean that you will not be able to socialize. If you are new in Denver, Colorado, and you are unsure where to begin, several suggestions can get you started as you happen to set out on your socializing journey.

Coffee Shops

There is something about the coffee shops in Denver that makes it easy for the people to meet. It might be many different areas and the winding rooms or the fire pits on the patio that make it perfect to gather around in a chilly evening.

Usually, there is live music and new art to check out, and it is not that uncommon for the people sitting alone to join each other and make new friends. They can chill out on the k9 friendly patio for the dog lovers and have friendly pups for them to enjoy. Therefore, those new or looking for new friends in Denver, for the coffee shops are a great place to socialize.


Meeting expatriates living in Denver

Many people in Denver say that they happen to meet fascinating people from places that one knows little or nothing about. They are the ones that guarantee you to learn something from them. They expand your horizon and help to make you an interesting person. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go and meet people in Denver who are not from Denver. There is quite a chance that those people will be extra friendly and eager to make new friends.

Brave the Mountains to meet friends

The adrenaline mainliners and nature enthusiasts can hike, climb, and trail on Denver’s high towering mountains. This particular activity is always more enjoyable if done with friends or the people who enjoy the action. Many people join the Colorado Mountain Club for this purpose. They get a chance to visit some of the best trails around the Denver area with the best supervision and get an opportunity to meet lovely people.

Washington Park

Denver is very well known for its beautiful parks, but Washington Park is considered the best choice to make new friends. There are more than 155 acres of beautifully manicured grass, paths, and flowers. People of all age groups have no shortage of places to check out and meet new people.

Many people enjoy a good walk, and there is a two-and-a-half-mile trail around the lake, gaming courts, several playgrounds, or one can just walk around and see tons of dogs that people bring to this park.

The Larimer Lounge

The Larimer Lounge is considered to be among the staples of the local music scene in Denver, and for the music fans, this is a perfect place to check out. The Larimer Lounge is the most proper place for the new bands to try out the material and the music lovers to follow the local music.

There is plenty of room available to dance, the drinks are stiff, and there is a spacious patio outside. For music lovers, if they are looking to meet some like-minded music fans, then the Larimer Lounge is the ideal place to checkout.


If you are keen on making friends and not only meet people in Denver, then there are many ways to do that. After a busy work schedule, there are several places and activities for you to socialize and make new friends. People from different age groups have separate ways to mix, including singles, retirees, couples and families, etc.

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