Oct 1, 2020


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Welcome to the topic “RENTING VS. OWNING A HOME.”

Whether you rent or own a place where you live is a big decision, but it not only affects how much money you have left by the end of the month, it also affects your lifestyle and the size of savings that you accumulate over the years. People buy homes in Colorado Investment properties when financially they are better off renting, as it becomes crucial for them to have a space to put down their roots. Some people own home as an investment that can grow and be a source of tax deductions; similarly, some people rent all the time for flexibility and minimum responsibility.


Homeownership brings you intangible benefits like belonging to a community, a sense of stability, and pride of ownership. Still, homeownership is not suitable for those people who restless or nomadic types. Colorado real estate is an original illiquid asset. There are chances that you might not be able to sell when the market is down, but even if it is up to their significant transaction costs.

The overall cost of homeownership might be higher than that of renting, even if the monthly mortgage payment is similar or even lower to the monthly fee. There are some expenses that you will be spending money as a homeowner that includes property taxes, trash pickup, repairs and maintenance, pest control, homeowners insurance and pool cleaning, etc.

Mortgage interest is perhaps the most significant throwaway expense that can make up nearly all of your monthly payments in the starting years of a long-term mortgage. Even the renovation projects don’t often increase your home’s value by more than how much you spent on them.



Renting means you can quickly move without paying penalties each time your lease ends. It also means that you might have to flick if your landlord decides to sell the property or turn the apartment complex into condos. Less dramatically, they could suddenly bump the rent to more than you can afford.

Most people believe that the biggest myth about renting is that you throw away your money every month. You always require a place to live, but that costs money in one way or the other. Indeed, you cannot build equity with the monthly rent payments, but you are also not building the equity with much of the money you will be putting to own a house.

When you rent, you are entirely aware of how much you will spend on housing each month. When you own a home, you pay nothing more than the mortgage and the only the regular bills per month. As a renter, you also face unpredictable rent increases every time your lease goes up for renewal unless the apartment is rent-controlled.

Special considerations

It is not only about money to decide which option is best for you, but it is also about your vision of life and comfort. It would help if you ignored the people who tell you that owning makes more sense or renting means throwing away money or disregarding those who say that it’s sensible to pay monthly mortgage payments compared to the monthly rent payment.

It is quite a good option for you to consider your best realtor team and weigh any involved risks. Getting a mortgage often needs to use a large amount of financial leverage, and if the prices of housing go up, people with mortgages can make significant gains, but they can also lose everything if prices fall too much.

The key to avoiding any disaster is to pay attention to the overall level of housing prices. The Colorado Licensed realtors will be able to guide you with the best decision. Despite the risk, extra chores, and added expense associated with owning a home, many people tend to choose it over renting. Ultimately the decision to rent or own is not only financial; it is also emotional.


If you are like most people, you would have probably come across your dream home while scrolling through the listing site. There is quite a space between finding the dream home or making a move from renting to buying. Your lifestyle, finances, and plans are a few factors to consider before deciding what is right for you. It might be the best decision for you to talk with your trusted real estate agent that can help you think through the decision to either rent or own a home.

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